Below are a few resources that should get you off to a quick start.

Design Resources

This is a great resource for quickly creating branded signs, emails, etc… The document contains a few templates to use as well as the color palette, social media icons, approved Apple logo and other resources and guides.

If you’re searching for another department’s logo, check this Zip file:


There are three basic types of logos we use. Download All

Promo Logo – To be used when the reader is familiar with the University “A” logo.  This should be used for most signage inside the store, Tucson publications, on-campus publications, promotional items, event flyers, and other pieces where it is assumed that the audience is aware of the logo.
Typeset Logo – To be used when there is already another “A” logo within the same page of a piece  If a flyer has a bunch of other campus logos that use the “A”, use the typeset logo instead to limit the amount of “A” logos to one per page. To download the font (seen in the logo above) use the following link:

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