Brand Architecture

Col Gray from Pixels Ink talks us through Brand Architecture basics.

Brand architecture is a layout that depicts the whole business portfolio of any organization or brand. Brand architecture assists brands with getting sorted out and structuring a system to consider autonomous brand value, improved concentration, and profoundly designated correspondence. Brand architecture is also a discipline used by many brand strategies to make a structure containing many subdivisions. Brand architecture is The design of brands inside an authoritative element.

It openly shows the chain of importance of various brands, sub-brands, items, and administrations, just as how they identify with one another even as a brand family.

Types of brand architecture:

There are three different types of brand architecture that have various strengths and weaknesses.
• Monolithic
• Endorsed
• Pluralistic

Many times organizations are using combinations of the above-mentioned types that are called hybrid types.


In this type, there is only one ruler brand that plays the role of parent brands and all other brands act as a descriptor of it with the same identity.

Advantages of having monolithic architecture:
• Clients settle on decisions dependent on brand dedication.
• Elements and advantages matter less to buyers than the brand guarantee.


An endorser brand design consists of individual and particular item brands, which are connected by an endorsing guardian brand. The underwriting guardian brand plays a steady and connecting job. The product is endorsed by the parent organization.

Advantages of endorsed brand architecture:

• The connection between item brands can aid cross-selling.
• Permits to contend in the market without setting apart the current audience.


This is characterized by the chain of brands that are different or unrelated to each other.
The name of the master brand is hidden and other products have evolved from it.

Benefits of pluralistic brand architecture:

• A brand can uphold the organization through an emergency.
• Brands don’t need to adjust to others in the portfolio
• Can interest various portions.

Key steps to create brand architecture:

You should have a grasping knowledge about your targeted audience. Do you want to have communication with clients, consumers, your business partners, your faculty, government, or media? Because every community has its own needs and demands. For example, Clients and purchasers need to comprehend the profundity and broadness of your organization’s offerings so they are bound to grow their relationship and produce more business. And your faculty members need to know maxim about your organization so that they can move productively.

The next step is to be obvious about the brand vision that is really very important. All effective models have a solid business reasoning behind them. Consider whether your organization may grow its product offerings or geographic inclusion.

The next step is to evaluate the merging brands, and subbrands. Brand architecture exhibits how your merge brand and sub-brands identify with and support one another. If a sub-brand is solid, it can even turn into an umbrella brand for an entire group.

Then determination of budget is necessary. Grab enough knowledge about the tax implications. And then made a proper strategy and time to launch your brand.

Once a Brand Architecture is formulated, the best tool you can apply to maintain that architecture is a decision tree. That questions and then answers specific questions leading to suggestions according to the company’s general brand strategy.

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