Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of techniques, processes, and practices that are used to improve the presence and visibility of someone’s webpage and rank it in the first place when a random surfer searches the services that are related to that webpage. This is done to enhance the traffic on the website so that the services or business could be brought to the attention of the costumers more in competition to other such websites.

What is the difference between SEO and Paid Advertisement?

Paid advertisement is all about paying any online advertisement agency and buying its services to place your webpage in the first ranks on the search engine whenever someone searches a keyword related to your webpage. In this case, the webpage is labeled as an “Ad”. SEO is a fully organic technique in which some processes and practices are used to bring the site in the first place on its own, organically without paying to the search engine or some online Ads. Agency.

How does SEO work?

When a random surfer searches anything in the search box by typing the keyword or via using his/her voice, the search engines like Google and Bing use their bots to gather the required information regarding the keywords from all the information present on that search engine. These bots are also known as crawlers and spiders. These bots follow and crawl to all the web pages linked to a particular known website by using all the external and internal links from that website. The content present on these web pages together with the context of the associated links tells the bots about the information each webpage contains and how these webpages and semantically related to each other. The search engine then places these related web pages into an index.

The search engine then gives the user, a list of web pages that it believes to be most accurate to the keywords by using a complex system of algorithms. The content related to all niches is optimized in this fashion be it the news articles, images, videos, business products, food items, etc. Different factors affect the algorithms to optimize the web pages in the search engines. The algorithms keep an eye on the machine learning and changing behaviors of the users and modify the factors that affect it.

Why is SEO important in branding?

SEO is essential to get the attention of organic traffic. This attracts the relevant users with relevant queries towards your website. By this, there is a high chance that only the truly interested visitors come to get your services, get information or buy the products. When your webpage is ranking in the first place in the search engine, there is more number of surfers that click on the link of your webpage. This results in an increased number of visitors and increased viewing of the information, more number of visiting customers lead to more sales of the services or the products present on the webpage. Organic search results by SEO are often placed on higher ranks as compared to paid sites because paid sites can not be placed at higher ranks in an organic search result by paying.

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