Cultural Impact Assessment

Brand culture is all slang or by word mostly used in the job applicants and HR department ( human resource department). Culture works hand in hand with any brand. Companies are bound to decide whether they should go with the global marketing techniques or the local ones. According to the global marketing strategy, there is no need for the changes according to the country. And the approach to responding to your customers across the world should remain fixed. But local marketing strategies follow the rule that there must be some change as per country values, beliefs, norms, and the power of the buyer.

It’s a combination that requires thought and exertion like any business choice and one that chiefs should think about deliberately as it identifies with their center mission.

How does brand culture work?

Brand culture is nothing more than the basic business strategy, a way of communication with your customers, and team effort.

Treating your customers as humans or humanizing your brand is the start of cultural strategy. Brand adaptation is not a little undertaking and is not one that can be cultivated utilizing exclusively lower-level representatives. It must be accomplished through an undeniable organizational drive, beginning with the leaders.

Get connected with your customers by having a well-organized “about us” page then sharing different videos, pictures, social media stories that show the scenes behind the covers. That will build a connection of your employees with people.

All these links help in exploring new ways and ideas to set goals and objectives.

High-quality content with human contact to your brand on social media platforms is also very important. Content on your websites and pages with language and its tone, all affects brand reputation.
Tweeting or offering sites to winning and engaging substance on the social media apps gives a strong beginning to assemble your brand’s culture on the web.

Factors that affect organizational culture:
• Common values of any organization
• Distinct levels of hierarchy
• Different levels of urgency
• Functional orientation like strategies
• Task orientation governing strong people orientation
• Subcultures in addition to the dominant cultures
How to create and sustain a culture?

An association’s traditions, values, ceremonies, conduct standards, norms, and general method of doing things are the noticeable sign of its way of culture. However culture arises normally in many associations, solid societies frequently start with a cycle named “values blueprinting,” which includes a real discussion with pioneers from across the association. Once a culture is established it is important to keep it alive.

All business activities and processes have some artifacts that determine how this company will work day by day. Three subcultures including social culture, material, and ideological culture affect the traits of any dominant culture. And they should be valued.

Research analysis

Many studies show that there is a positive relationship between the brand culture values and the preferences of consumers. . It has also been estimated that about 40% of customers’ brand preferences are selected by their values and cultures. As well, the culture of the brand is also important in determining the competition and brand loyalty.

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