Brand & Product Naming

Naming a brand or your service is the most crucial part of a business plan. For a perfect name, you need an ideal combination of creative and scientific knowledge. That is not so hard as there are many branding experts available in markets that assist you in finding a next-level name for your brand. Making a brand name that goes past a straightforward name and addresses strategic communication is not difficult work to be done.

And the fact is that brand name is such a thing that no one copies it from others. The brand name is the one thing that can’t be duplicated. As a registered brand name, a name is ensured. It is significantly protected innovation, similarly as much as a patent.

Principles regarding naming a brand:

There are a few things that should be kept in mind while naming any service brand or product.

• The brand name must be simple but unique. It should be easy to pronounce and not so hard to remember. As it is very difficult to differentiate you from your competitors in such a crowded place. Be sure that your product name never commits your customers to remind them of some other brand.
• Your service or brand either consists of one word or two, three must be capable of understanding when written on some blank page.
• Names must be expressive, like if any customer thinks about your brand name then there should be a certain thing to think about.

Steps of naming a brand:

Before developing a brand name, the development of the brand strategy is more important. Then move towards the marketing campaigns, building your budget and marketing plans. The next thing to do is name your brand or service.

Develop a strategy to create a brand name:

• At first, you have to decide what your brand name acquires to accomplish.
• Then, critically think about how this name will work with the other services already existing.
• Figure out what sort of name to create a descriptive, originator’s name, and so forth.
• Make objective criteria to assess the names you produce.

Gather several names:

As there are many other brands already existing, so many names are taken before. You need to create a long list of names. And then evaluated by some experts and planned it in a creative way.
Your objective is to find a name that is according to your criteria.

Test your brand name:

First, it should be checked for its description. Does it convey the real meaning of your brand? Then check if your brand name is being misspelled or miss pronounced. Does it sound good on hearing or do people get confused when it is pronounced? All these questions will help you in testing your brand name. You are also required to protect your brand name. If you pick a name that encroaches on another organization’s brand name, you could get an order to stop all activities and need to go to court or potentially change your name after months or even long periods of utilization.

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