Both AR and VR will extensively be used in the world of marketing, education, gaming, e-commerce, gaming, and many more aspects. These have a lot of capabilities to revolutionize these industries. These are two different technologies that bring the virtual world closer to the real world with enhanced 3D visuals.
What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented reality is the technology introduced in the smartphones of the users. The phone cameras of the user are used to capture real-life things and Augmented Reality adds interesting virtual characters and pictures that enhance the reality by converting it into more interesting and pleasing. Augmented Reality enhances real-life beauty and visuals.

What are other devices of Augmented Reality?

Some latest devices of Augmented Reality include Microsoft HoloLens and Smart Glasses through these we see things and Augmented Reality adds projects pictures and characters on the things, we see. One of the games powered by Augmented Reality includes Pokemon Go, which captures the surrounding of a gamer and enhances the visuals on the screen by adding more information in the form of characters. In the game, Pokemon is projected on whatever the person is moving and the camera sees it. There are so many filters of Snapchat that use AR to modify the visuals of the user.

What is the more complicated use of Augmented Reality?

A more complicated use of AR is making holograms float in the room, making app windows float virtually in the air, and floating different characters and objects in the stadiums and arenas as decoration in opening ceremonies and other festivals.

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Virtual Reality is a more smart technology as compared to Augmented Reality for it outputs a throughout the virtual atmosphere. A user can feel that is living in an artificial atmosphere, interacting with its objects, hearing sounds, and feeling the success and failures of that world as long as he is using the headsets, gloves, specialized computers, and sensors designed with Virtual Reality.

What are the devices designed with VR?

Some specialized devices are designed with VR. These include Play Station VR, the Valve index, the HTC Vive Cosmos, the Oculus Quest, and a few other headsets.

How do these devices work?

Its works are simple that when the headset is worn, a person can not see anything when it is off. When it is turned on, the person feels to be shifted to another world or a place when was selected, it can only see that world and not the surroundings in which it is sitting or standing. Some devices utilize six-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) motion tracking. This technology uses the sensors and cameras of the headsets and detects the direction in which a user is facing as well as notes the movements that a user is making. The virtual field is usually marked and it is not more than a few square meters in which the users perform all the activities while fictionally living in the other world.

What are the differences between AR and VR?

There are a few obvious differences between the two technologies:
• VR users are controlled fully by the system while AR users can control their existence in the real world.
• VR only generates a fictional world but AR can add the virtual character to the real world.
• AR can be maintained, in real-world settings on the smartphone but VR requires a completely opaque headset to see a completely virtual world.

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